Building Muscle Mass

Although not the primary aim for everyone attending the gym, the majority of individuals who undertake resistance training are looking to develop their body percentages of muscular mass. The gym is a great place to start, but without a degree of knowledge and direction, you’ll never truly realise your health and fitness potential.

We aim to have a Ron Seal moment with this article and ‘do exactly what we say on the tin’ by providing you, the reader, five ways to enhance the building of muscular mass. There’s no quick fix solution here, only quick tips, so if you’re looking to take on board the advice and put the hard work in required, then success is only a stone’s throw away. On that note let’s unveil our first tip…

5 Top Tips For Building Muscle Mass
  1. Utilise free weights for all heavy sets: If you’re really looking to add mass to your physique, then you need to move away from exercise machines and opt instead for free weights. Not only do free weights (such as dumbbells) bring into play your supporting muscles, but they enable a great range of movement to be achieved also. Enhanced number of muscles used and increased range of motion equals better results!
  2. Perform compound movements: Isolation exercises are all well and good and should feature in everyone’s training regimes, but the bottom line is if you want to build incredible size you have to utilise compound exercises. The only way to increase your overall body mass is to create an environment where each and every single muscle fibre has the ability to develop. Exercises such as clean and press and deadlifts provide just this environment.
  3. Don’t be dictated by numbers: The majority of individuals who attend to gym to complete resistance training know exactly what exercises, sets and repetitions they will be completing. This is all well and good but don’t let this limit your training. At the end of the day, more is always better when it comes to gaining mass, so if you think you can manage a further exercise, complete another set or push out another rep then go for it.
  4. Throw in some maximal effort: Although not something you can complete each and every time you attend the gym, it’s good every so often to monitor your current strength levels by performing 1 or 2 repetition maximums. There is a real danger when performing this type of exercise with regards to over exertion and injury, so always ensure that you enlist a spotter, start at a reasonable resistance and progress steadily until you reach a peak.
  5. Ensure your diet is spot on: Whether you like to obtain your protein requirements from real food, supplements or a combination of both, you need to ensure that you are getting adequate quantities on a daily basis. Quite simply, protein is required for your muscles to repair and grow. If you fail to achieve daily minimums then you may start to notice musculoskeletal related injuries and muscular atrophy amongst other things.

As promised, 5 quick tips for building muscle mass. Why not try incorporating at the very least one of these tips into your training regime? Remember, success is only a stone’s throw away.