If you’re lucky enough to work in a profession where you are physically active on a daily basis then you can probably afford to skip this particular article. However, if like many individuals out there you find yourself sat behind a desk for the majority of your working week, then this article could be just the thing you’re looking for.

With more and more individuals taking employment positions such as sales, administrative and managerial roles, where the majority of their time is spent sat behind a desk, their ability to keep physically as well as mentally active is severely challenged. If you’re one of these individuals then fear not because help is at hand. Here at FitnessBeans we’ve come up with numerous ways to give your body the physical activity it’s been craving.

Keeping Fit At Work

Your ability to keep physically active really depends on the limits of your imagination. Remember, each and every item within your office has the potential to be utilised within your workout, you’ve just got to discover how best to use them. Forget the world being your oyster, from now on, the office is your new oyster! So what can you do to keep physically active?

  • Take the stairs: In this increasingly convenient and technological world you are living in, more and more individuals are becoming increasingly lethargic. Even if you do work on the 10th floor and the lift or elevator seem much more appealing, why not shock your body and go back to basics by walking the stairs? Not only will this remove you from your monotonous lift experience, but it will also give your lower body a beneficial workout.
  • Make the most of your lunch hour: Individuals who live behind their desk, tend to eat their lunch their too! Try to find a physical activity or hobby that you enjoy doing and can be completed during your lunch hour. This doesn’t have to be a manic gym workout. It can be as simple as a stroll in the park or walking to a shop to collect your lunch. Whilst you’re there, why not pick up something healthy to further compliment this change.
  • Turn your office into your own personal gym: The key here as mentioned previously is creativity. It could be as simple as ensuring you stand up and walk around the office every 30 minutes. For the more daring, alternatively you could use your body weight as resistance and carry out some tricep dips off your chair or squats whilst leaning against the wall. Remember, you do still have a job to do though – so don’t get too carried away!
  • Replace your chair with an exercise ball: Out of the tips provided within this article, this particular one will cause you to receive the most stares from your colleagues! Before you dismiss the idea, consider these benefits; utilising an exercise ball will strengthen both your core stability muscles and enhance your posture. So whilst everyone is slouching and moaning of lower back problems you will be sitting there with a smirk on your face!

For those of you reading through this article and taking on board all of the information available, good on you. These simple exercises may not seem like a great deal, but if they are completed each day and incorporated into a wider healthier lifestyle, then who knows where this journey may lead you.

For those of you whom are slightly more sceptical and/or conscious about your ability to perform all of the above within your work environment, then why not simply adopt one or two of the activities and see how you get on. After all, something is better than nothing. There’s no time like the present either, so next time work rolls around and you find yourself behind your desk, think about this article and get physical.