How many times have you looked around the gym and seen individuals with a huge chest and a practically non-existent back? It appears more and more individuals are only targeting the so called ‘beach muscles’ whilst at the same time neglecting other key body parts. Not only does this look irregular to the eye, it can also create muscular imbalances and subsequent injury. As a gym instructor, this is becoming an all too common scenario.

However, a cure can be found in the shape of these 5 key back exercises:

5 Exercises To Build A Bigger Back

1. Wide grip pull-ups: Be honest, how many of you thought dead-lifts would be first up? Truth be told, there’s no greater exercise to develop back width than the wide grip pull-up. Add further resistance and you’ve got an exercise capable of giving you wings that can fly!

2. Dead-lifts: No back workout would be complete without mentioning this exercise. If you see someone with a massively dense back then you can guarantee dead-lifts will feature heavily in their workout. It also aids support to your key core muscles so it’s a win win.

3. Bent over Row: The positioning of this exercise relies heavily on your core muscles and you may initially want to utilise a bench. Further variation can also be achieved by switching between dumbbells and barbells. The end results will be a huge middle back!

4. Lat pull-down machine: OK, so this exercise might not be as effective as the wide grip pull-ups, however, the bonus here is that variation can easily be achieved by altering your grip between wide, medium, close and reverse to hit the various regions of your back.

5. Shrugs: You may be thinking to yourself; ‘shrugs aren’t a back exercise’. It is important to remember however that some muscles have anterior and posterior elements, of which the Trapezius muscle is one, with the posterior region covering the top of your upper back.


So there you have it, 5 big exercises to get your back musculature working. Now you have the tools you need, why not put them into practice and start reaping the rewards.